Famous Football Derby matches. Dare you go?

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There is nothing longer lasting and significant in sport than the football derby. When the following clubs meet the world watches. These are some of the oldest rivalries in sport itself. Field by in some cases, a century competition and new generations coming to see and be part of the heritage of these matches. They are passionate affairs that neutrals want to be at (not that they are always welcome) and the build-up is intense. You can guarantee that the players are busy preparing themselves with some Football Training drill Videos like the ones at www.sportplan.net/drills/Football/index.jsp While the characters on and off the pitch might have changed the fans remain. Here are some of the most intense.

1. Liverpool versus Everton. The Merseyside Derby. Also known as the friendly derby, probably the only one that is this is the longest running in England due to the fact that both clubs have spent a long time in the top flight. It is one of the craziest and intense rivalries between two very close knit clubs in a very tight community. It sees family members become opposed to each other splitting families by loyalty and postcode. Of the 222 matches played, a record for English Football Liverpool have one 89 and Everton 66.

2. Celtic vFootballersus Glasgow Rangers. The Old Firm Derby. You go to this one at your own risk. Underneath the football lurks a dark subtext of religion with the Roman Catholic team Celtic against the overtly Protestant Rangers. Standing at 399 it is by far the oldest and the words hotly contested seems to be underplaying it. People have been literally killed over the game plus rioting and general violence. There is no guarantee that the pitch won’t be occupied by warring supports at some point. 159 win’s to Rangers, 144 to Celtic.

3. Manchester United versus Manchester City. The Manchester Derby. A bit of non-event for many years as the City spent years in the lower leagues whilst their great rival dominated the Premier league but how the tables have turned! Man U can draw on support from outside the city as well as in it but again it comes down to your postcode. Of the 165 matches played United have 69 victories to City’s 46 so there is some catching up to do.

4. Barcelona versus Real Madrid. El Classico. At 225 this is one of the longest running derbies in the world and is considered to feature the best in the world at club level pitted against each other. This is not just a Spanish domestic game this is an event that is watched worldwide. Its closely contested to with Real just ahead with 90 wins to Barcelona’s 87.

5. Inter Milan versus Juventus. The derby of Italy as it features the nation’s oldest clubs. There is evena political twist as everyone gets involved. Like Man United Juventus have a cross Italy support base not only in there native Turin and Inter are the same. With Juve 94 wins to Inter’s 67 the gulf between the two is still evident.