Guide to skates

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The right skates can and will help you glide over ice like a young bird. Before buying them, you need to know a little bit about how they work. They have been used for as long as one can remember and a lot of water has flown under the bridge from the time man used skates made from the bones of animals and leather. Today, they are strong and sharp and more importantly they are very comfortable.

Buy according to usage

When choosing your skates, you need to pick according to how you plan on using them. So, if you are going to do figure skating, you need to pick ones with longer blades with tiny teeth at the front. The blades should also extend at the rear in what is known as a tail. If you plan to play ice hockey, then you need shorter blades that are not very complicated and which do not have a tail or toe pick.

Understand the different parts of a skate

Before choosing your skates, you need to understand the different parts that make up a skate. These include the boot and the blade.  Boots need to be rigid and they should cut a little over your ankles. Some heel support would be welcome. As for the blade, go with those that are made from carbon steel that has a chrome coating. The blades should be about four mm thick and they should also have a slight curvature. Grooved bottoms create a pair of edges and the groove should have a radius that suits your skill level.

Comfort and weight

Good skates are those that are comfortable and light in weight. They should also come with linings that wick the moisture and they should also have good heel counters to ensure better support to the feet.

Buy according to skill levels

When choosing your skates, you need to look at your skill levels and the amount of time that you have been skating. Also, depending on how you plan to use the skates, you need to pick something suits your discipline. Finally, make sure you pick skates that go well with your body type and body size as well as age.

CCM Super Tacks Senior Ice Hockey skates

The CCM Super Tacks Senior Ice Hockey skates are truly an excellent option. Made after five years of research and design, these skate are not only very innovative but they are also packed with features. Of course, they are also quite expensive. Overall, these skates look very impressive and the construction of the skates involve much use of carbon fibre. They also have good heel support and in addition, they boast of a tendon guard that is super-stiff. Best of all, these skates are backed by a ninety-day warranty on the boot and a one-year warranty on the blades.

Some skates are more hype than reality. However, in the CCM Super Tacks Senior Ice Hockey skates, you have skates that live up to the hype. They are perfect in every way and as soon as you start using them, you are going to fall in love with them. They will certainly help you improve your performance. So, go for them!