How a referee keeps track of time

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In every sport or a game there is always a person who controls the game flow by using different rules which are associated with the game. That person is known as the referee, in some sports the name may differ but the role is almost same in every sport. The referee checks if there is any foul committed or not, the main purpose of the referee is to allow the game to continue on without having any type of issues like for example, the referee in the soccer game will check the fouls committed by the players, the referee has the role to keep the game in a discipline manner. Anything against the rule of the game is being monitored by the referee.

In the soccer match like the game is a total of ninety minutes which is divided into two halves. The role of the referee in the soccer match is to keep the track of time which he does by a stop watch he is wearing. If there is any issue in the match like an injury or there is a long delay during the match due to some reason then the referee will stop the watch during the play. When the issue has been resolved then that time which has been wasted will be added in the end of the match. The time which is added at the end of the match is known as the extra time or the injury time. It is done to keep the game balanced at all time. The referee is always in contact with the fourth referee in the game, the fourth referee as a person is not present in the ground but he is actually in the sides to keep track of the game and monitor everything happening in the game.

The match starts exactly at the time when the referee blows the whistle along with that the referee starts his or her stop watch. When there is a minor foul then it is not taken as the injury time and the stop watch is not stopped. When there is a major injury or the players are taking too much time to continue the game then to make the game balanced and favourable in terms of both the teams then it is necessary for the referee to stop the watch and the time which is being wasted is added at the end of the match which is referred as the injury time or the extra time. At the end of the match players and the whole audience are notified the duration of the extra added time so that everyone knows the time limit. It is all for to keep the game balanced as possible, no cheating should be done from both the teams is all being controlled by the referee which is why the referees are very important in every sport because they are in full control to make the game as disciplined as possible, any type of mishap is prevented by the referee or the fourth referee in every sport. The time which is added at the end of the match is also being monitored by the analysts in the control room who are also monitoring every move in the match but still the any call can be made through the main referee none other than him.