The athletic course will involve a certain level of the athletic activity

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If you are planning to participate in any activity then it is completely your responsibility to take care of your belongings. The own party host will be assigned to the participant during the time of the party. The party host will make sure that the party will run smoothly. If you have any queued about the group rates then you can contact our event staff to know about the event prices. The company will also provide the special packages at virtual reality arcade based on the request of the users. If the trampoline socks are in a good condition then you can reuse them. You can know more about the special times and pricing if you visit our website. The main court and trampoline can be accessed during the toddler time. The certain level of athletic ability is required in an athletic course. You can purchase the gift cards for any amount as they are always available in the park.

Real or imaginary things:

If you want to participate in the cosmic play then a fluorescent shirt is required. The shirts are available in various ranges which you purchase in the park. The valid waiver is required by the participant to participate in any event. The trampolines can be accessed particularly during the toddler time if you have already made a reservation for any event. You can really have fun when the virtual and the real world is in one place. The real or imaginary things can be transported to anywhere in the world. The latest technology is used to perform the high-end gaming on the computers. If you want to find your favourite game then the VR management software is very useful. The space pirate trainer can experience the different activities at virtual reality arcade because the opportunities are endless.

Latest news and updates:

You can launch the new experiences all the time as there are many of the active VR experiences are available. The users can find the inaugural list of experiences which will be posted soon on our website. The combo packages which are available on our website can also be accessed by the users. If you want to receive the latest news and updates about the products then you can sign up for the newsletter on our website.  If you want the party package for any additional person then some extra charges will be applicable. The parents and children can enjoy a lot when they are committed to creating a party experience. The cakes and superior pizza is provided in the parties from the local bakery. Different types of activities are included in the party packages and they are really worth your money.