Hunting defends its activity with figures: it generates 0.3% of GDP and creates 187,000 jobs

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Hunting 먹튀검증 becomes a permanent activity, beyond the season itself, working on it, concerned about it, thinking and reflecting on it. The words of a hunter about the different moments that could be considered as hunting, serve as a description of that position that defends that hunting is not something punctual, but is part of the lives of its actors:

Hunting is a discipline that encompasses many actions:

  It starts not at the time when you step on the field with the shotgun, but at the time when you think of going hunting somewhere, to try to kill a certain species And with a certain modality, it is at that moment, when we really started to hunt, because at that moment we started to taste the game .

   We begin to get an idea of ​​what the hunting ground will be like if we do not know it or, if so, where we will start hunting. It is at that moment, when we start to develop our strategy to follow, to get to beat the piece in question when the time comes, and this strategy will be different depending on the place, the species to be hunted, the type of game that is go to use, we will even make several assumptions depending on other variable factors (meteorology that will make that day, etc.). This discipline will make us think and work the mind to achieve, as a final goal, to overcome and knock down a piece nobly in its terrain.

Hunting 먹튀검증

But the hunt does not stop here, it will continue in our thoughts in the following days, checking in our head the casts made, and making speculations of what would have happened if instead of entering here, it would have entered there. And we will begin to elaborate our next strategy, of how we will try to hunt that side or that rabbit, or that boar or that deer that has defeated us, but which we will try to win in the next day.

   And the hunt continues, when we feel that partridge and check that the shot was something back as we had believed, or when we check that the tower was made by that buckshot we have in the head, or when skinning the pig we see that we had to pistearlo because the bullet had it in the belly.

An example can clarify this idea. The hunter in a hunt occupies a position, waiting for the arrival of the animal that is being chased away by the dogs. You could understand that you are not looking for the piece, you are waiting for the piece. The strategy is silence, patience, has the senses alert, attentive to any sound, to any movement; tries to merge with the environment to go unnoticed not waiting for the animal to arrive but attentive to its arrival, that is, seeking its presence. Despite not walking, the hunter is not passive, is not a mere spectator, his movements are calculated, his eyes look at the firing area, attentive to the wind, to In short, the hunter, speaking in a generic way, tries to integrate as one more element, adapting to the modality practiced. The following words define this way of understanding the hunting activity