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Chess has become most popular sport:

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As there is many games that have developed over internet, chess always known to be the game of kings. While considering this, there will be no doubt which the rulers of the empire as well as the kingdoms saw in some game fitting practice for forecasting and strategizing, people who are playing this game were required to do while they are dealing with some other challengers and monarchs. As most of us learn more about the brain activities, some people are beginning to push for chess in order to reintroduce the tools in public education. By analyzing some benefits, they still become string case.

Help in raising IQ level:

Always, chess has image problem in it, this seen like game for brainiacs and for the people with high IQ level already. Therefore, there has been some kind of chicken and egg situations, there you need to do some smart people gravitate towards playing chess.

Help to prevent Alzheimer:

Due to the brain works like the muscles, these greatly have to do some exercise like any biceps to be healthy, and warding off injuries.

Help to exercise both sides of brain:

Based upon the research, some people out from there expected to find that the left-brain of the experts being more active, but at that time they did not expect that the right hemisphere of brain is also doing so well.

Increases the creativity:

As mentioned earlier, the right hemisphere of brain is mainly responsible for creativity, this should always comes as there is no surprise which helps in activating right side of brain helps on developing the creative sides.

Improve memory:

Originally, the chess players known as anecdote, which make the players to improve their memory. If we are considering certain person as good players, this means remembering on how the opponent has operated in past as well as in recalling moves, which has helped people to win as before.

Increase problem-solving skills:

Playing chess is just like the big puzzles which needs solving, and at the same time this solving on fly, because the opponents over there is constantly on changing the parameters.

Improve reading skills:

As chess game play helps in increasing the problem solving ability, like that this helps in improving the reading skills. So, always recommend your children to play the chess games.

Like this, the players can experience wide ranges of benefits just through this single game play.

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