Trampoline – Know the complete history

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Trampoline is a kind of sports device which is used for bouncing. It is to be noted that many people use this for recreational purposes while some tend to use it for competitive purposes. Many people have a wrong thought that trampoline is made out of elastic material. But this is not the fact. They are not made with elastic material but elasticity is being provided to the material through the spring.

Early trampoline

In the initial days trampoline was not introduced directly. Instead they are used as Inuit. It can also be said that trampoline was developed from Inuit. This was handled during the whale harvest. Inuit was tossed in order to make the dancers fly in air. Similar to that of trampoline a material was used as a net by the firefighters in order to catch the people who are jumping out from fire. Later in the 19th and 20th century trampoline attained various transformations. Some used it to perform the comedy shows and they were widely used in circus.

Modern trampoline

To reveal the fact, the first modern trampoline was developed in the year 1936. Nissen and Griswold were the people who paid way for the modern trampoline. This concept of modern trampoline came to them once after seeing the net used by the trapeze artists in order to enhance their performance to a greater extent. Even though this was invented in the year 1936, commercially they were manufactured and sold from the year 1942. After the commercial development of trampoline, they were widely used in many recreational centers and even in sports clubs.


The trampoline was not only used to train the artists and sports people but they were also used in the astronaut training. During the Second World War, trampoline was widely used to train the navigators and pilots. It is to be noted that even after the war, trampoline was used for training the astronauts of Soviet and America. This kind of training was provided to make the astronauts to adjust their body in different positions.


The first trampoline world championship was organized in the year 1964. The event was help at London and the championship was won by the Americans. Later in the year 2000, trampoline was added as the part of Olympic Games. Apart from the players who are engaged in trampoline, the other sports players also used trampoline as the part of their training. They used this training to get relaxed and to improve their performance to a greater extent.

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