How to Plan a Fun and Productive Team Building Event

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Most companies have team building activities once or twice a year. Although they may not happen often because of budgetary constraints or other reasons, these events are worthwhile investments since they provide several benefits to employees, management, and business owners.

Team building events give employees from different sections and rungs in the workplace the chance to mingle. As such, they are excellent opportunities for everyone to get to know each other better.

Additionally, these events encourage teamwork and improve communication among all employees. When the activities are chosen correctly, companies can also have a glimpse of workers that have leadership potential, people they can train and groom to become future key players in the company.

Moreover, well-organized corporate events, which include team building activities, are excellent opportunities for businesses to boost their employees’ trust and confidence in their organization. It is also one way of showcasing the company culture and reminding employees of the firm’s vision and mission and why they chose to work with them.

Lastly, team building events give employees the chance to let their hair down and have fun, something that they need to forget the daily stress at work.

Team Building Planning Tips

Since team building activities can provide employees and companies a number of benefits, it is crucial to organize them well.

If you have been given the important job of planning a team building event, follow these tips to ensure the participants and the company get the most from this corporate activity:

1.Establish your goals for the event

Although a team building activity is an important opportunity to give employees a break from their work and have fun, you have to bear in mind that they should take away something valuable from this event.

Because of this, the first thing you have to do when planning this type of event is to set clear, achievable goals.

You can base your objectives on the benefits you want the participants to experience. These can include improving communication and teamwork in the workplace, finding new potential leaders, and showcasing the company culture.

Once you have established these goals, you can look for activities and challenges that will enable the participants to work on and achieve them.

2.Determine the budget

Team building activities are valuable and fun learning and training experiences for employees, so they are worth investing in. However, this does not mean that the company should spend a lot of money on them.

Setting a budget before proceeding with the other planning details will allow you to know what the company can afford and how extensive the team building event can be.

To know how much you can spend on the event, talk with the management and accounting or finance team. Agree on a budget that will allow you to host an activity-filled, fun, and successful affair.

team building event

3.Host the event out of the office

Although many team building activities can be done in the workplace, give the employees a break from their usual environment and help them forget about work a bit by holding the event in a different location.

If the team building exercises you want the participants to do are a mix of outdoor and indoor ones, rent a venue that can accommodate all of them. It should have spacious grounds where the employees can engage in the activities you have chosen. There should also be some covered areas where the employees can rest.

In case you want to facilitate an open discussion during the event, you will do well to find a venue that also has meeting or function rooms.

As long as you do your research well, you will find a venue within your budget that can accommodate all the participants and will allow them to carry out the activities you have planned.

4.Schedule it during working hours

As much as possible, avoid hosting the team building event during the weekend or after office hours.

Keep in mind that employees need to relax, bond with their loved ones, and do the things they want during their free time — which are the times they are not at work. As such, don’t put a damper on their plans with your team building event, no matter how important it is.

To ensure all employees will be more motivated and focused on the activities, schedule the event during working hours. Plan on hosting it the whole day so that you can give the participants as many exercises as possible and allow them to bond more with their co-workers.

5.Choose the activities well

Lastly, the team building exercises you choose can make or break the event. Because of this, it is vital that you select the most suitable ones.

Start by choosing collaborative exercises ones that will encourage employees to work together. Activities that incorporate problem-solving and challenges that participants have to overcome as a team should be on top of your list. For example, you may consider including team sports and simple obstacle courses or bootcamp-style activities to make things challenging and fun.

Additionally, ensure all team building events are as inclusive as possible. If you want to include games or physical activities, consider first if any of the employees have any physical limitations or health conditions that may prevent them from fully participating.

Make sure these activities are fun as well. Don’t select ones that are too hard to do or will require the participants to think too long to figure out the instructions or solutions to given problems.

Although your team building activity may not be a large-scale production, organize it well. Avoid the usual event planning mistakes and spend enough time and effort in putting it together so that everyone can get the most from this corporate gathering.


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