Modded Gaming Console – Nobody Can Stand Against You

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            Every human being wants to win and get recognition. It is his basic nature. In the gaming world too, this psychology works in background. But what if you are playing against pro players and your score is dismal? In that case modded gaming consoles and controllers can help.

What Is a Modded Console –

A modified version of a console or controller are called modded consoles. While people use the terms modded console and modded controller interchangeably, they differ from one another.

            A modded console circumvents the hardware and software restrictions implemented by the manufacturer to make the console do things that would not have been possible to do with an untampered console. But this is illegal, as modifying the console involves tampering with the source code written by the manufacturer of Xbox or PS3 or any other console.

            A modified controller, on the other hand, uses techniques like key binding, key assignment, etc to make the player perform stunts that need too much dexterity of fingers if tried with a controller which is not modded. Since modifying the controller hardware does not involve modifying the company-made source code, it does not violate any copyright law. If you visit the website of Megamods you will find controllers of all popular consoles being sold and the awesome things that can be done with these controllers are explained there.

The Benefits of A Modded Controller-

            A modded console can turn you from a newbie to a pro. With modded controllers you can perform actions that were previously thought to be impossible to do.

            You can make your shotgun shoot rapidly with a modded controller and inflict maximum damage upon your enemies. Often times, when you are reloading a gun, the enemy shoots you down. Using a modded controller you can minimize this reload-time, giving your opponent very little opportunity to kill you.

            You can jump and shoot at the same time bewildering your enemies. This will increase your kill rate and at the same time save you from bullets. Auto aim, too, is possible with a modded controller.

            Beside improvement in functionality, controllers can be modified with skins to make them attractive and to incorporate your signature style. If you are a die hard PUBG fan, you can modify your console and controller with custom-made Pubg skin. Skins make your console look aesthetically beautiful. Again, putting skins on your console-body does not anyway interferes with the source code. Skin protects the original surface of the console and controller from scratches and smudges too.

            Modified controllers are compatible with many popular Xbox or PS3 games like CoD, PUBG, Fortnite, R6 etc. Controllers found in websites like Megamods can make you a formidable personality in the gaming community.