Sports based In-school Alternative Provision

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An In-school Alternative Provision is an alternative education package for disengaged students who are failing at school and close to exclusion.  The idea is to keep the pupils at school and offer them leaner lead lessons to improve their behaviour and attendance.

The current “in-school provision” is based around football training and healthy living and run by FA qualified coaches with the aim to engage with pupils who are struggling in their current academic climate.

With a strong influence on football and team sports the Learner lead provision is aimed at focusing pupils on what they need to progress in a sports/leisure environment.

Schools can take an option of either one or two days a week with 6 places where the aim is to improve the skills of students who are working below or towards level 1 to both develop practical skills and help with students’ transition back into education.

  • Improving personal health and fitness – (barriers, fitness, building confidence, nutrition, exercise methods, goal setting)
  •         Coaching and Player development – (understanding a player, building an environment to learn, goal setting, improving self, analysing)

The programme will provide guidance to pathways that are available to them within the industry and what they need to achieve.

Pupil profiles


  • Within pier groups
  • Authority
  • Classroom environment


  • Attendance
  • Curriculum Engagement
  • Social

Alongside the “in-school provision” we run an out of school provision for students who are struggling to engage on the in-school programme.  This will be based in Lincoln and offered 2 days a week with the aim of getting the student back to school.

The course itinerary includes:

Football Training

Practical. football skills (defence and attack), set pieces, matches,

Theory. formations, tactics, strengths and weaknesses

Fitness Training

Practical: Circuit training, core strength exercises, stamina and endurance exercises.

Theory: Diet, Human anatomy, diet plans, exercise plans and monitoring.

Event Planning

All students will work together organising school tournaments from start to finish.  This will include the structure of the tournament, attracting teams, sorting out venues, marking out pitches.  Refereeing games organising the results and presenting the awards.

Sports Reports

In conjunction with the practical side of the programme student will write match reports on games giving analysis and their view points on key moments of matches.  The reports will include statistics such as possession, corners, shots on target etc

Vlogging & Blogging

Students will keep journals on their work to date in the form of vlogs and blogs, they will work with copywriters and proof-readers to ensure everything is correct.

There will only be initially 5 spaces available on this provision and it will work in conjunction with the “in school teams”.


Attending this placement should result in the student having a new-found enthusiasm for learning, and therefore a more successful educational life with increased possibilities moving forward.