The 4 Most Popular Sports That Do Not Require A lot of Energy

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When we think of sport, we often assume that this means being super fit and being able to run mile after mile whether that is up and down a football pitch or around a tennis court. However, contrary to popular belief there are plenty of sports in which you do not need to exert any energy whatsoever.

“Healthy body – Healthy Mind”

For example, chess is considered a sport. To play chess all you need is a chess board and somewhere to sit so you can play. Now you do not require any fitness butlet’s say you wanted to play chess as a professional. Noe the old saying goes that if you have a healthy body, then you have a healthy mind –

Here are the most popular sports that require the least amount of energy to play:

Golf or Pitch and Putt

Golf on a full-size circuit does not require to much fitness in itself. You do not need to be super fit to walk a full gold circuit. However, if you are unfit, by the end of the 18th hole you will feel tired. This means golf is a great sport if you are overweight and not fit. You get a good walk in the park and some fresh air.

You can also try the driving range to practise your drive. This requires exerting more energy than playing a game of golf, but in a shorter amount of time. The reason you will be using more energy is because you will be swinging the club quite often because you are stood in the same spot smashing golf balls as far as you can.

You can get fit playing golf if you want to. Check out this golf fitness blog for further reading.

Other options when playing golf include playing pitch and put, which is a small gold course in which you do not need to drive the ball down a par 3, 4 or 5 golf courses. In effect, you can put away your driver clubs because you will only be practising your putting.

Playing Chess

Yes chess – as we mentioned above. It is a sport and comes with regional and world championship games. Playing chess requires no fitness at all because you are sitting. You can play chess using a chess board with friends and family if you can play chess online.

More than anything golf is good for brain training because it activates certain areas of your brain to help your decision-making skills improve.

Playing Card Games

Another sport that helps you improve your mind that does not mean exerting any energy is playing cards. Would you believe that there are some card games out there that are considered as sport?

Poker has been earmarked as a professional sport today especially since the stars of the game currently earn multi-million-dollar prizes. Now being a professional at this game does mean having a healthy mind and body. With huge decisions to made over pots that could mean winning 4, 5 and 6 figure sums or losing that amount, you certainly need to have a sharp mind.

Check out this Malaysian gaming blog for more information.

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Bowls and Bowling

Now bowling is essentially the more energetic version of bowls. Bowling does not require a lot of fitness and it is a lot of fun. You need to have a strong bowling arm if you want to play this sport competitively and that could mean partaking in activities that require you to exercise.

However, for the most part you will not need a lot of energy to go bowling. In fact, a staple diet of someone that goes bowling regularly is burgers, chips, cola, and beer!

As for bowls, this sport requires very little energy at all. It is very popular amongst the older generation because it is a game that does need strength or much physical fitness at all. That said, it still requires a small amount of energy and accuracy to through the ball near to the Jack in order to the game. This is why it is a recommend and popular game amongst older folk.

It gets them out exercising as per doctors’ orders. This is as opposed to spending all day sitting in an armchair watching TV.

So, there you have it. A few examples of sports that will get you out even if you are not fit. It is certainly worth considering playing sport as often as you possibly can even if it is a sport that does not require energy because many sports will help you keep your mind active even though you are not moving much!