Tips for Playing Murder Mystery Games

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It is important to remember that we cannot measure success in mystery games, which is the consideration you need to have in mind all the time. It is not a competitive game in which you will become victorious, but finding a synergy with other players and enjoy the night off.

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Of course, the usual success measure in this form of parties is whether you are the one that solves a murder. Interactive games are different because each character comes with their own goals and agendas, so it is challenging to measure whether you will achieve them or not better than others.

Therefore, the leading indicator that the party was successful is based on the fun you had throughout it. If you had a fantastic time but failed with all goals, you should avoid thinking about it as a competition and think of it as a success.

It is essential to understand the standard terms before you start playing, which is why you should stay with us.

What Are Goals?

Each character comes with a different set of goals that could be in a form such as:

  • Help your friend to reach the goals.
  • Make sure to find the murderer, because you may be the next on the list.

If you wish to achieve them, you will need to get others to help you with the process. It means that you will negotiate with them to help you by giving them something they want in return.

Finding allies comes with particular risks because everyone has secret goals, and someone may distract you from reaching the solution. It is useful to find allies but to keep your eyes open.

Of course, each time you ask them something, they will expect to help them back in a similar fashion. The idea is to provide help to others unless it conflicts with the goal you previously read.

Should You Keep Them Secret?

The question of whether you should keep goals to yourself depends on the nature of the goal. You can share the ones that do not compromise you throughout the process.

However, goals can reveal the secrets that you may want to leave behind. Keep in mind that the game can become highly engaging when someone else finds about your secrets.

It will help if you read your character traits throughout the game so that you can memorize all goals. Therefore, you need to be aware of things that you can and cannot tell for the sake of the game and its exciting notion.

If you do not complete all your goals, which are something that may happen, you do not have to worry. The idea is to have a great time and to enjoy with your friends and family. Remember that nothing is wrong with failing, because there is no competition at all.

In some murder mystery games, you may even die throughout the game. If that happens, you should make a spectacular death scene to make others memorize your performance.

In case you wish to get something from someone and they are asking to pay them in return, the chances are high that the price will rise as the game goes on.

During the early stages of the game, people tend to underestimate the worth of some items, which is why you should take that as an advantage.

Tips for Playing a Murderer

Some kits do not display that you are a murderer until the very end, while others will show you that you are the one from the very beginning. It means that you need to create a strategy that will reduce the possibility of others to know that you are the one.

1.   Do Not Tell Anyone!

It is highly essential to raise stakes of the game by avoiding telling others that you area murderer. If you do it at the start of the game, all the plans and preparations will become obsolete, which is the worst thing that could happen to a murder mystery.

Besides, you need to be aware that you are the villain of the game, which means that you should avoid telling the truth even when someone points the finger at you.

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Try to make yourself untouchable and without the ability for others to doubt you by using double-crossing and manipulation, among other things.

You did not commit the perfect murder, which means that other characters will have clues that will point in your direction. In some other scenarios, you can choose the way to conduct a murder, but that is not something that will always happen.

Since the mystery parties are the form of puzzles, you are just a piece of it that will finish the picture. However, solving the murder is not only about pointing a finger, but also using all pieces.

2.   Blame Other Characters

The best way to find out if someone is a murderer is by determining a motive for it. That way, you will get anexplanation of why you conducted a murder, and when you did it.

If you wish to deflect suspicion from yourself, we recommend you to find a scapegoat on whom you can put the blame.

You will find at least one person that comes with motives and reasons for committing a murder, which is why you should start working your way towards misinterpretation.

3.   Avoid Expecting That You Will Get Away With It

Finally, you need to be aware that the primary goal of the game is to find you as a murderer, so do not expect to avoid the blame throughout the night. Ultimately, you will need to expect others to find you, since everyone is looking for you, and the party ends when you are caught.

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However, deflecting a suspicion is another point that will bring additional excitement and make the game run its course. Besides, when others find motives, opportunities, present proofs, and cases, you should reveal yourself instead of neglecting it.

The main idea is to have fun, and you should use your people skills along the way, but do not try to think that you can win the game, especially if you are a murderer.