It’s time for table tennis bat rubber replacement

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If you love to play tennis game, then you need to maintain your tennis table properly to have a great gaming experience. When you found that your paddle does not suit your hand and playing styles,then you have to know about the most possible use of it. Fortunately, there are many different tennis rackets are made specifically, so that the players could replace them when it got damaged and extend its life. But few would have doubt that whether table tennis bat rubber replacement is required? If yes, then can you change it into a new one?

Normally, when your table tennis bat rubber needs replacement immediately when you find some damages and it might happen due to the glue that holds on your rubber that if fixed on the blade began to wear off there you can find out your rubber would start peeling it off.

How to replace your table tennis bat rubber?

Before starting to replace it with the new one there is a need for you to gently peel out the old rubber and while peeling you can apply some pressure but be careful. After removing inspect the blade for ensuring that it is clean and smooth and when you find some old glue left over it is required for you to clean that completely for cleaning you can make use of the soft sandpaper that gives a smooth surface. After removing your table tennis bat rubber replacement is required. For that, you have to follow the process. First apply the thin layer of the glue at the back of once rubber for eventually spreading it makes use of the sponge for spreading it equally, only then you can get good results. Allow the rubber to fix while you are applying a layer of the glue on your blade. For this process make use of the sponge or the brush for ensuring that the layer of the glue on the blade is also applied evenly. It is required for you to wait for the glue to get dried off eventually on both the surfaces until it is in tacky and sticky mode.

table tennis bat rubber replacement

This process takes around 5 to 10 minutes be patient and wait until it gets fixed. Then line up at the bottom of the edge and when you find some logo in your rubber then make a note of it that it should be placed facing in the middle.

What are the steps that you have to do for the final replacement?

Curling out the top of rubber away from the surface and press its bottom edges of the rubber down into the place. It is required for you to unfold the rubber gradually down onto the blade surfaces that prevent out air bubbles. Smoothly press out the rubber into the place and for this purpose make use of the rolling pin or the brayer for pressing and finally smooth the rubber down.

You can make use of the craft knife for trimming the edges of the rubber down to the edges of the rubber that is facing and repeat the steps for the other side of the paddle at the end you can add some table tennis edge tape for extra support.