What are the different types of martial arts?

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Generally, people know about martial arts but they think they are of two type’s one karate or other is Kung Fu. But the fact is martial arts are grouped into many different types. Some games are traditional and few are modern. There are four different popular styles of martial art.

  • Break down striking
  • Grappling
  • Throwing
  • Weapon-based style

In the striking type of martial arts, students are taught about defending themselves. This defending may be done in different ways like using blocks, kicks, punches, knees, and elbows. The method of teaching is depending on their definite styles, sub-style, or also on their coach. The striking style includes many popular games like boxing, Capoeira, karate, kickboxing, Kung Fu, etc.

  1. Boxing: Boxing is a very famous game all around the world which is played by men and women both. This game needs to learn about effective punches. The game is played with the use of boxing gloves. For women, companies design the Bokshandschoenen dames especially for them with different sizes. You can get these gloves from the market as well as through online also with different websites. This is the website https://www.aiki-budo.nl/fightshop/bokshandschoenen-dames where you can get all equipment related to fighting games.
  2. Karate: This is the self-defending game that most of the parents want to teach to their children. This game is first played in japan by a martial artist. This game is denoted through various colour belts. To play this game you need to wear a specially designed dress which is called a karate suit.

  1. Kung Fu: It is a Chinese martial art which is played by using different freestyle that includes acrobatic properties and high hicks.
  • Grappling: This is a kind of martial art in which players are taught about how to throw your competent on the ground. These kinds of games involve jujutsu, sumo, wrestling, etc.
  • Throwing: This is also known with takedown styles. This type of martial arts includes aikido, judo hapkido, etc.
  1. Judo: It is also a self-defending game very much similar to karate and also first played in Japan. For playing this game student should wear a specially designed dress. This dress came with different sizes for all age groups people. You can also judopak kind Kopen for your children. You can get from anywhere in the market or online. Online shopping is much easy for all because it saves time and travelling. Many websites sell judo suits like https://www.aiki-budo.nl/fightshop/judo-pak-kopen where you will get the best quality and different sizes.
  • Weapon-based styles: These games are taught using different styles of weapons like a wooden sword. The different weapon based games include kali, laido, kendo, etc.