Modded Gaming Console – Nobody Can Stand Against You

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            Every human being wants to win and get recognition. It is his basic nature. In the gaming world too, this psychology works in background. But what if you are playing against pro players and your score is dismal? In that case modded gaming consoles and controllers can help.

What Is a Modded Console –

A modified version of a console or controller are called modded consoles. While people use the terms modded console and modded controller interchangeably, they differ from one another.

            A modded console circumvents the hardware and software restrictions implemented by the manufacturer to make the console do things that would not have been possible to do with an untampered console. But this is illegal, as modifying the console involves tampering with the source code written by the manufacturer of Xbox or PS3 or any other console.

            A modified controller, on the other hand, uses techniques like key binding, key assignment, etc to make the player perform stunts that need too much dexterity of fingers if tried with a controller which is not modded. Since modifying the controller hardware does not involve modifying the company-made source code, it does not violate any copyright law. If you visit the website of Megamods you will find controllers of all popular consoles being sold and the awesome things that can be done with these controllers are explained there.

The Benefits of A Modded Controller-

            A modded console can turn you from a newbie to a pro. With modded controllers you can perform actions that were previously thought to be impossible to do.

            You can make your shotgun shoot rapidly with a modded controller and inflict maximum damage upon your enemies. Often times, when you are reloading a gun, the enemy shoots you down. Using a modded controller you can minimize this reload-time, giving your opponent very little opportunity to kill you.

            You can jump and shoot at the same time bewildering your enemies. This will increase your kill rate and at the same time save you from bullets. Auto aim, too, is possible with a modded controller.

            Beside improvement in functionality, controllers can be modified with skins to make them attractive and to incorporate your signature style. If you are a die hard PUBG fan, you can modify your console and controller with custom-made Pubg skin. Skins make your console look aesthetically beautiful. Again, putting skins on your console-body does not anyway interferes with the source code. Skin protects the original surface of the console and controller from scratches and smudges too.

            Modified controllers are compatible with many popular Xbox or PS3 games like CoD, PUBG, Fortnite, R6 etc. Controllers found in websites like Megamods can make you a formidable personality in the gaming community.

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Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

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If you are into survival horror games, you should consider resident evil 2 mobile. The game is hard but with the right tips and tricks, you can make it and escape the Raccoon City. With some luck, you can strike a blow to the heart of the Umbrella Corporation.

If you are familiar with Resident Evil 4 and 5, these basically look like Resident Evil 2 at first glance but the resident evil 2 android or resident evil 2 ios is still rooted in heavy survival-horror.

Even if you are familiar with the original game from PlayStation 1, the upgraded resident evil 2 on phone version may cause some difficulties for beginners. When you look at it closely, Resident Evil 2 is a completely new game having different mechanics from its predecessor.


In fact, this version is more likely significant in the later parts of the series. If you want to have a good head start, you can consider resident evil 2 apk through This will surely give you the fighting chance since it has all the features.

Even with resident evil 2 apk download, you should not expect an easy game. In this version, the zombies are harder to take down not to mention the resources are scarce. When your safety is compromised, you need to move around. There are many things you need to consider that is why you have to master resident evil 2 android gameplay.

To survive the nightmare, you should bear in mind the following tips and tricks: 

Learn how to kill zombies

Many zombies in a survival horror game usually die with one bullet to the head. In resident evil 2 mobile download, it takes about three bullets to the head to kill a zombie. You should also ensure that their heads explode.

There are times that a zombie will get back up after a few seconds and resume its attack. You have to be careful when this happens. To hasten their final death, you should not stop firing. It could take nine or more shots for this to happen. If you lack ammunition, you can simply shoot their legs to restrict their mobility.

Avoid zombies

As much as possible, you should avoid zombies. You only kill zombies when they are in your way. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of ammunition to kill them and you know that ammunition is always scarce in this game.

 Know when to run away

To increase your chances of survival in mobile resident evil 2, you should know when to run away. This is not Resident Evil 5. You will definitely run out of ammunition in the middle of difficult encounters and when these happen, you should run until you escape the threat. By running, you get to pick some resources along the way.

When you run, you should do it the right way, as enemies can grab you from a few feet away. You should avoid zombies lunging to bite your neck because it can do serious damage. It is crucial that you draw the zombies on one side of the room then quickly run to the other side.

Stock knives and grenades

In android resident evil 2, you should stock knives and grenades for when you get grabbed. When enemies grab you, there will be a prompt on the screen. It is important that you press this quickly before you are bitten. You can use knives to stick in the zombie’s head or grenade to put in their mouth.

Choose your inventory wisely

To survive in the resident evil 2 download, you should determine when to leave things behind. Remember that you have a limited inventory slot. When you are exploring new areas, you should learn how to free slots for more important items. When you leave items, the map will make a note of the items you did not pick up in case you need them in the future.

Combine plants

You will come across plants that can help increase the amount of restored health with additional effects. For instance, Green plants fill HP while Blues help avoids poisoning. The Reds, on the other hand, can enhance other bonuses. You have to learn the combinations to increase your chances of surviving and escaping.

Final words

This resident evil 2 for android is a remake of the 1998 game released for PlayStation but unlike the original, it utilises over-the-shoulder or third-person shooter gameplay making it interesting, thrilling and exciting. What’s more, you are allowed to get crazy as you can choose “hardcore” difficulty.

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Introducing, The All New Grand Theft Auto V Mobile!

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If you love video games, there is a great chance that you know all about the Grand Theft Auto franchise. This is a series of popular installments that became very popular worldwide. The game started years ago and it surely evolved through the years. The game has incredible features and elements that made it very appealing to a lot of gamers. Recently, the mobile version for GTA 5 mobile download was released and everyone was really excited to hear this good news.

The History Of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V is an action-adventure game that was developed by Rockstar North. It was also published by the Rockstar Games. Way back in 2013, it was only available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It then became available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by 2014. When it became accessible to Microsoft Windows by 2015, the game spread like wildfire! Everyone who has a computer is wanting to have the original copy of the game. As the years went by, many are wondering if GTA V will also release its GTA 5 mobile version. Wish granted! Now, you can download GTA V directly on your mobile and play the game anytime you want.

GTA 5 mobile

All You Need To Know About GTA V Mobile

GTA 5 on phone is available in two versions: GTA 5 android for users with devices that run on the Android operating system. And the other is GTA 5 iOS specifically for users with iPhones, iPads, or other iDevices that are compatible with the game. Now many Grand Theft Auto players are wondering if this is the same as the PC or console version?

The GTA 5 android gameplay is slightly changed just make it easier for players to use on their mobile. There is an assurance that the most important elements of the game, as well as the characteristics that make GTA V unique, are present in the GTA v mobile version. The driving system continues to be interesting, the graphics are well-developed, and also the shooting features are still exciting.

The mobile GTA 5 is perfect for those who loved the game in its PC and console versions. As long as you have an advanced phone, you will be able to launch the game smoothly because the GTA 5 download was made sure to be mobile device optimized. So if you have a newer phone model, it is sure that you will be able to download the game and play with it seamlessly.

All About The GTA V APK Download

If you are interested to get the GTA 5 APK download, you have come to the right place. The download process is very easy to understand and follow. All you need is a trusted site where you can download the APK. Before you download, make sure that your device is enabled for download from other sources. Restrictions can stop the download process. Once you have that, just click on the download link and choose the mirror that interests you.

Let the GTA 5 APK download finish. Once it’s done, you will be prompted to install then launch the application. Let it load and the page will then lead you to the GTA V game. While loading, you might be asked for verification. Just open the page and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you have successfully verified, the game will immediately start.

That’s it! As long as you follow the instructions, you can easily download and launch GTA v iOS or GTA 5 for android without any problems. You can start playing the game anytime you want and anywhere you go. You can always bring your game with you.

What’s New With Grand Theft Auto V Mobile?

A lot of people are wondering if there is something new with the GTA V iOS or android GTA 5 mobile version? There are slight changes when it comes to graphics to make sure that the game doesn’t lag. But as long as you have the right GTA V mobile APK on your phone, you will not experience any problems while playing the game. For more information, you can also find reviews about the GTA V mobile version online.

Nevertheless, the gameplay is seamless, just like how you remember it when playing on your computer, PlayStation, or Xbox. So what are you waiting for? Get your GTA V APK today so you can start playing your favorite action game on your mobile!

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Watch and Stream Live Matches at Potato Streams App

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Are you a sports lover? If yes, then watch and stream your favorite team live matches at Potato Streams Apk. In this application, you can watch the Football, basketball and boxing matches. By using this application, you can also get the bonus to watch the movies and TV series at free of cost. The entire application relies on the internet connection, so you don’t have to waste your money on registration and subscription. If you start using this application for the first time, then you will be used this application for the rest of your life. This is the most popular application in the entire globe. Most of the sports lover installed this application in their mobile, pc and Firestick so that they don’t miss their favorite team matches when they are out of the house.

 If you use this application, then you will also tell this application about your friends who are also big and crazy about sports. For downloading the application so you can visit the official website and download the app for free of cost. This application offers high-quality live matches streaming, which is dependent on your network of internet and Wi-Fi. There are no subscription payments you have to pay in the application for watching the live matches. In this application, you will watch live matches without spending money.

Watch and Stream Live Matches at Potato Streams App

How to Use Potato Streams Apk:

For using this app, you need to download and install the app in your device. But you need to check the settings before you download the app in your mobile, PC and Firestick. In these three devices, there are different requirements you have to follow for downloading this app. But once you download the app, you can stream the live matches in the Pc without any issue. This application is best for streaming the matches of sports you love. Now you can see the step on how to use this application, which is below:

  • Step 1: Once you installed the app on your mobile, then open the app on your mobile. After that, you need to sign in the account with your Gmail account.
  • Step 2: After the account is created, you will see a new window will appear in your screen where you will see a pop of let’s Go. Click on that, and you will see the next screen on your window
  • Step 3: In the next step, you have to select the country from where you belong, so don’t mistake in this step; otherwise, you don’t watch your favorite country leagues. After that, you can select the sport and sports club you love to watch.
  • Step 4: At last, you can see the live matches if your favorite sports is running. If not, then you can watch may other sports like football, basketball, and boxing, etc. In this application, you will see the different sports and also get the different types of links which offer the live matches.
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Owning an ar10 can be really the greatest fun

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The increased support is found with the help of the Grey Ghost type of the Precision Specter which works as the Heavy .308 and falls under the category of the Rifle-M-LOK. One can also choose to go with the Glock slides which can work with the Grey Ghost Precision, The total device can actually work in the manner of the Heavy .308 rifle. This is the best-designed one which is made with enough love, and care. The support is also increased with the help of the incredible engineering precision. This can be also totally efficient with the help of the 3-Gun rifle. This is the piece which can be really considered to be much smaller, lighter, as well as work with the softer recoiling that is supportive with the 5.56 gun. One can simply choose to visit and get ideas.

shooting sports

How shooting sports can be better with them?

One can be pretty sure that this is the rifle that actually shoots like the dream gun. This is the best gun which comes with a number of quality as well as the high-end features. This is also supportive of the nice bull barrel that can also be the best one with the sweet target crown. This can also work with the Extended length (14″) type of the M-Lok handguard. The pice is also best with the support of the Grey Ghost Precision type of the 7075-T651 billet that can work with the upper receiver. There is also an enhanced phase that can be felt with the support of the True Black Mil-Spec hard coat type of the anodize which can be really the best quality one. The Mega Arms 16″ type of the .308WIN. This is as the match grade BBL. Such an idea can be found to be really supportive with the help of the 1×10 twist, as well as 11-degree target crown. One can simply choose to visit and get ideas.


The support can also be totally enhanced with the 5/8-24 threaded muzzle. It can also work with the support of the  Gemtech muzzle break. This is also the best one which can also work with the  Black Nitride coating. It works with the Mid Length gas. This is the best piece which can be also Phosphate MPI tested and falls under the category of the .308 BCG.

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Open World: The Best Third Person Game

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Years have passed and we are making a game that everyone can play for free. Assassins Creed Odyssey gratis game is an open world game that we can play without spending money. The programmers and developers make it a no pay game because it is beyond amazing. The developers are thankful to the players for enjoying their product. As an exchange of their gratitude, they made it 100% open for all.

Find out its gameplay 

Since the game is an assassins creed series it all usually relies on role-playing. You are free to build your own character. In the start of the game, you have to select a gender of your choice. Every gender has a path to take but the game will always end follows the protocol. The setting of the game is in ancient Greece. The concept is all about ages ago in a war between Sparta and Athens. The game consists of missions and objectives. It has many endings like storytelling but visualized. 

Assassins Creed Odyssey gratis
The game has awesome graphics that are near reality and the resolution of the game is very immersive. The lighting effects are high level. It has a great physical movement and the reactions on the objects are quite astonishing. This game focuses not only in character building. It also focuses on combats like shooting, sword fight and many more. The game itself has a set of items that you can get by completing missions and objectives as a reward. Some are hidden and your task is to find it and some are a price item. By the conclusion, the game is crazy awesome as always like the other series of assassin’s creed. Its evolution by the years of game development making the game is more pleasing to the players. An enjoyment to them with official source and a great experience it brought to the players. A big recommendation in playing this game. Let us experience the past and expand our knowledge about history. 

Check out the technical 

First of all the game depends on the platform you are using. A low-grade computer cannot handle the improvements of the new version and will lag, hang-ups or even game crash. Have a greater game experience without issue. Make your platform up to the game requirements. If you are using a PC. A recommendation of platforms like play stations to experience greater performance. The game itself has a little bug and some minor issues. The bugs are visible in some combat scenes but as I said the game depends on the platform you are using. Have your own personal computer. A computer that met the requirements to download the free assassins creed game. It is less prone to the issues of the game and the run of the game is smooth.

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Sports based In-school Alternative Provision

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An In-school Alternative Provision is an alternative education package for disengaged students who are failing at school and close to exclusion.  The idea is to keep the pupils at school and offer them leaner lead lessons to improve their behaviour and attendance.

The current “in-school provision” is based around football training and healthy living and run by FA qualified coaches with the aim to engage with pupils who are struggling in their current academic climate.

With a strong influence on football and team sports the Learner lead provision is aimed at focusing pupils on what they need to progress in a sports/leisure environment.

Schools can take an option of either one or two days a week with 6 places where the aim is to improve the skills of students who are working below or towards level 1 to both develop practical skills and help with students’ transition back into education.

  • Improving personal health and fitness – (barriers, fitness, building confidence, nutrition, exercise methods, goal setting)
  •         Coaching and Player development – (understanding a player, building an environment to learn, goal setting, improving self, analysing)

The programme will provide guidance to pathways that are available to them within the industry and what they need to achieve.

Pupil profiles


  • Within pier groups
  • Authority
  • Classroom environment


  • Attendance
  • Curriculum Engagement
  • Social

Alongside the “in-school provision” we run an out of school provision for students who are struggling to engage on the in-school programme.  This will be based in Lincoln and offered 2 days a week with the aim of getting the student back to school.

The course itinerary includes:

Football Training

Practical. football skills (defence and attack), set pieces, matches,

Theory. formations, tactics, strengths and weaknesses

Fitness Training

Practical: Circuit training, core strength exercises, stamina and endurance exercises.

Theory: Diet, Human anatomy, diet plans, exercise plans and monitoring.

Event Planning

All students will work together organising school tournaments from start to finish.  This will include the structure of the tournament, attracting teams, sorting out venues, marking out pitches.  Refereeing games organising the results and presenting the awards.

Sports Reports

In conjunction with the practical side of the programme student will write match reports on games giving analysis and their view points on key moments of matches.  The reports will include statistics such as possession, corners, shots on target etc

Vlogging & Blogging

Students will keep journals on their work to date in the form of vlogs and blogs, they will work with copywriters and proof-readers to ensure everything is correct.

There will only be initially 5 spaces available on this provision and it will work in conjunction with the “in school teams”.


Attending this placement should result in the student having a new-found enthusiasm for learning, and therefore a more successful educational life with increased possibilities moving forward.

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How To Find The Best Web game For You

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Web games are what you call on games that are played in a web browser. These kinds of games are one of the many reiterations of online gaming. What makes it unique is that it doesn’t require you to have a gaming console or even buy an installer CD for that matter.  Today there are already so many web games that are very popular and more likely, you already know a few of them.

With how technology is these days, web games looks very far from what you would expect it to be. It’s beautiful, full of graphics and pretty interesting. There are many 먹튀검증 web games that are out there today, but, not all will fit you. But there are ways to identify the ideal ones for you like the ones mentioned below.


You should know what you need: Everyone has standards and preferences when they are playing a game and whether or not you’re a heavy player, you will have standards and preferences when playing the game. The best way to drill down the games that you possibly would want to play in is by knowing your standards like having a good story, good looking characters, fast phased games, smooth gameplay, low memory and many many more. It might not look like much but in all the millions of web games that are out there, knowing your standards and preferences can help you drill it down to a few hundred.

Identify the types of games that you like to play: Once you have your standards and preferences its time to look at the various types of games. There are various types to choose from like MMORPG, web casinos, FPS (first person shooting), castle defense, MOBA, card games and many many more. Once you identify that, then it will be easy to find the best games in each game types that will further drill it down to less than a hundred.

Your system requirements: There is one “killjoy” in everything and that is system requirements. System requirements can be defined as requirements that are necessary for you to play the game. These are non-negotiable requirements. But don’t fret, unlike other games. Web games have minimum system requirements, but it still does, so check it first. If your computer details meet the system requirements, then, it’s on. But if it doesn’t, then you have a choice to move on and look for other games or upgrade.

Web games are one of the reiterations of online games that you should check out. Simply because it has a ton of potential and it doesn’t require top-notch gaming specs for your computer. Aside from that, you’re in South Korea, where online gaming is big and web games are too. If you want to try playing it, just like in other video games, you should know what you need, you should Identify the types of games that you like to play, but make sure that you meet the system requirements.

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Few important tips to enjoy playing online games

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People who love play online games either on their mobiles or computers can make use of the following tips which make it easier for them to enjoy the maximum out of these games. This article provides the players with some important tips and tricks which will be of great use for them provided they follow them. These tips enable the players’ attempt in surviving in this game till the end. The players should make sure they do not make much noise this is because the other players in the surroundings can detect them and enjoy an edge over the players. It is better to walk than run because much sound is made while running. The players must ensure their surroundings are well secured when the players try to build or hunt for something. A 안전놀이터 help players gain an upper hand in case they use a good pair of head phones. This helps in locating the whereabouts of the other players. This makes it easier to beat them. The players can hear even the smallest sound. This helps them to exercise caution and be as safe as possible.  The players need to as active as possible till the end of the game. Even the slightest noise should not be ignored. The weak hearted may keep away from the game for this is certainly not their cup of tea. There is no question of relaxing even for a minute while the game is on.

Do not take eye off the circle

The players’ eyes should be always on the circle. This is because as the circle keeps on shrinking it tries to swallow the players. This certainly makes the players to make all decisions strategically the moment the circle starts shrinking. The direction needs to be carefully noticed by the players. The players should not forget that their main priority is to always place themselves in the safer zone. If they come across any player on their way they should take the risk of beating them if they are unable to do it. If they foolishly try they are sure to face a backlash. It is advised that the moment the players get a potion they should drink it without any delay as this will protect and shield them till the match comes to an end.  If the players by any chance fall down this potion will no way save them from their death. However if the players stack two it will certainly double the players’ maximum health.

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How to develop football speed

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One of the best attributes any player can have is explosive speed – think Kylian Mbappe or Gareth Bale, who combine lightning pace with great ball skills. The good news is that you can develop speed through training. No matter how fast you are now, you can get faster!

The components of speed

Yes, genetics play a part in how powerful and fast you are in terms of your muscular makeup, but speed in football is about a great deal more than going fast in a straight line. Practising your sprinting or lifting weights in the gym as well as stamina and resistance training can improve your overall condition, but football requires multi-directional speed and explosiveness and those are skills you can develop through the right training.

In a sport where you change direction on average every four seconds you need quick feet, good acceleration and turning skills – not to be able to sprint like Usain Bolt. And those are skills that any player can learn with the help of football training drills that focus on acceleration, deceleration, quick feet, turning skills and explosiveness.

Coaching for speed

While flat speed has its place, for football it’s more important to teach players how to move well with good technique before focusing on the speed element. Leg muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance both contribute to multi-directional speed and can be coached as part of overall speed training and conditioning.

It’s not the volume of training that gets results but the effectiveness of that training. When you visit Sportplan for football training drills, bear in mind the need to train for quickness, reactive speed, active speed and complex speed. It’s a common mistake to train each element in isolation when what developing players need is to be able to make the connections between speed, multi-directional skills, agility, tactics and perception. That way you can develop players with the full skills set needed to make it to be working at the top of their current level and move on to  the next level.

The bigger picture

Speed training may have the biggest impact on players of both sexes between the ages of 9 and 17, but that doesn’t mean that speed can’t be trained at any other age. Professional scouts and football academies look for young players with technical skills, tactical intelligence, focus, determination and physical speed. Using your drills with those factors in mind will help to develop essential techniques as part of the wider skillset of the modern player.

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