How to Improve Your Fortnite Battleground Game Plan

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When it comes to the shooting genre, Fortnite is the latest addition to the ever-growing category. The game has generated quite a buzz, and it sets itself apart in a few meaningful ways. Fortnite PC download is a free game and available on almost all gaming platforms like Xbox, PC, PS4, XBOX One, smartphones and now the Nintendo Switch; it’s one of the free-to-play games that are available online right now.

To know more about the game, we’ve shared some tips that will help you outlast your competition on a consistent basis.

Deciding Where to Drop:

Fortnite starts with a jump, but instead of a plane, it’s a school bus that is attached to a hot air balloon. Once the doors open, it’s a signal for you to skydive toward the island. You have about 50 seconds to examine the ground before jumping into open air. It’s advised that you make your descent within the first 10 seconds, you will get to the ground quicker, but you can cover much more ground by releasing your glider early. Thus, you can freely navigate towards your target.

Some players like to cover the urban areas almost immediately; this is where the buildings and other structures are located, and they also tend to be the dangerous and chaotic parts of the map in the initial stages of the game.

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If you don’t see any other gliders around you, then you can make a break for a commercial zone. This move can pay off because you will gain access to many weapons available at these spots. If you see many players at one place, then shoot towards the areas that have lone buildings or cities that have natural cover.

Grab A Gun:

This is important when you face a combat situation, and obviously to have a fighting chance in the game. After all, you won’t last long in a gunfight if you don’t have a gun. Your primary goal, when you land should be to search for a deadly weapon (at least more dangerous than a pickax). Weapons are usually discovered in buildings and treasure chests; however, they are found in the open or on top of buildings or near objects like tents or cars.

All the gear that is featured in Fortnite PC download glows; this way, you can spot it from a distance. Any firearm that you collect will give you a fighting chance, but keep in mind that not all weapon classes are created equal.

Once Armed, Plan Your Next Move:

After you get a gun or two, some Band-Aids, a few shield potions and examining your surroundings, it’s time to make a plan. It’s recommended that you mind your business to an extent, this means you can collect resources with your axe-wood, stone, and metal. When you manage resources, you will have the ability to create a cover when you’re on the go, but you will need a decent supply of materials as the player count begins to decrease.