Top 4 Reasons Why People Smurf on League of Legends

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League of Legends fans and players sure have heard the term ‘smurf’. But the question is, do you know what it really means?

If you did not really know what smurf means then chances are you might be in a really serious disadvantage. Basically, the term originally was from the game Warcraft 2 back in 1996. It was a way of using different names, or account, for people to not recognize you for your real name or identification.

Today, it is more than just buying a different account. But smurfing is also considered buying different accounts to either make use of their already established status and earnings or to rank it.

For this article, you will learn more about smurfing on League of Legends and how you can better use an account that has been smurf through

Why Do Players Smurf? 

Now let’s answer that one question everyone’s been itching. What is the reason why people smurf? 

There are a few reasons aside from the obvious fact that to use different names and account. Here are a few reasons below.

1 To Escape Pressure and Struggle

When players go ranked up so far on the ladder it also means that the game became harder too. This causes mental struggle and a lot of pressure to win the game. Sometimes, players just want to enjoy the game and laugh with friends, but with the game gradually going so hard, it makes it harder for players to enjoy it if they’re struggling too. This is the reason why they use to buy unranked smurf.

Enjoying the game might be a hard thing to do in high rank or level. Besides people deserve a break to play flawlessness and seriousness too!


2 Ranked together with friends

Your friends are for sure not playing as hard as you do. Chances are you might be ahead of them, and they are still stuck somewhere. The best thing to do to rank together with them is to get a new unranked smurf or account. Another thing, if you’ve been ahead of your game, then your friends might like having a few tips on learning the game inside out, they need you to show them the basics too!

Getting a secondary account does not have a raking is the best thing to do to both plays on the same team against enemies of the same level.

3 Having one account is not enough for some

Let’s accept the fact that some other people are just not satisfied with having just one account. So simply the make or purchase a new one. Put it this way, why get stuck on 1 when you can have 2 and even more? After all, it would not just be you who managed two accounts a lot of players out there are using that too!

4 To start again

Some players overreacted on the idea of they might be doing something wrong with their first account, so the best thing to do is to figure out again and use a different unranked smurf or account. Plus, you can also have great bragging rights in starting again, plus more opportunities to develop your league of legends skills.